Dear Eva,

Just thought I would check in with you as the Corona Virus makes its way around the world. Keith and I and our kids and grandkids are all well so far. We have been staying at home for weeks now to keep ourselves away from exposure to others who may have the virus. We do go out weekly for food shopping and other essentials.

Seattle is a shut down city right now. No parks, no library, no church, no sports, no theater, no concerts, no bars, no eating in restaurants – no gathering of people at all. The schools are shut down and many teachers are teaching classes on-line to children at home. Our kids are both at home and are working on-line too! It is a very different world now.

Keith and I are keeping busy working in our yard and doing house projects that we have been wanting to do for a long time- like painting. We are also doing some Spring cleaning. We have been trying to go out for a walk daily to get some sun and fresh air.
Many more people are out walking these days and often stop and talk to us from 6’ away. It seems that we are all longing for human connection while we isolate ourselves.

While I am not really a phone person, I have started calling at least one person every day. I have had great, long conversations with relatives who live in New York, college roommates, old neighbors who have moved away, etc. We have done some on-line parties with groups. Last evening we did an on-line birthday party for our grandson, William, who turned 9 years old. Our son, Brian, left some birthday cake on our porch for us this morning!

We had planned for and bought tickets for a trip to Northern Italy in June- flying into Milan and home from Venice three weeks later. Obviously, that is not going to happen now. We have been canceling refundable tickets and hoping that we can get something back on the others. This trip will just have to wait for another year.

We hope that all of your family is well and that COVID-19 has not yet reached Karlskoga. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Nancy and Keith Anderson